InterBase® Overview                                                                                          

The award winning cross-platform commercial grade embeddable SQL database.
InterBase is our award winning, highly scalable, full-featured, admin free, Unicode-enabled, SQL-standard compliant, cross-platform database engine. With support for a wide range of use cases – from a single embedded device to a complex enterprise solution with hundreds of users – InterBase is the DB engine of choice for ISVs and developers who require a commercial-grade database with an ultra-low total cost of ownership.

InterBase installations can be found everywhere; Trusted for solid, reliable use in mission-critical contexts such as medical, railway, multi-national POS, CRM, and emergency response systems. InterBase runs non-stop, round-the-clock. Lightweight, yet rock-solid. It’s the database solution chosen by NASA for the MARS Rover. So you might say that it’s out of this world!

Consider these easily configurable InterBase features like column-level data encryption, field-level change tracking, user-specific data visibility, journaling, and point-in-time recovery. All of these capabilities combine to give you a lightweight, easy-to-manage, commercial-grade embeddable database solution that is ideal for distributed systems.

Focus on your product, and stop worrying about your data layer. InterBase: Embed, Deploy, Relax!

Easy to deploy, simple to maintain

Installable in minutes, or silently deployable along with your application: InterBase has a small on-disk and memory footprint. It’s ideal for deploying anywhere – either from a Windows or Linux Server (locally or in the cloud), or onto your local laptop, tablet, or mobile. The on-disk, cross-platform InterBase architecture dramatically reduces deployment complexities. With InterBase, your data easily moves between development, testing, and multiple delivery targets – irrespective of the operating system. We’ve built InterBase from the ground up to be resilient and fully ACID-compliant to deliver near-zero admin effort on a database engine that just keeps running around-the-clock.